One step Diagnostic Kit for D-Dimer with buffer

For in vitro diagnostic use only 25test/box

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ASSAY PROCEDURE Please read the instrument operation manual and package insert before testing. 1. Lay aside all reagents and samples to room temperature. 2. Open the Portable Immune Analyzer(WIZ-A101), enter the account password login according to the operation method of the instrument, and enter the detection interface. 3. Scan the dentification code to confirm the test item. 4. Take out the test card from the foil bag. 5. Insert the test card into the card slot, scan the QR code, and determine the test item. 6. Add 40μL plasma sample into sample diluent, and mix well. 7. Add 80μL sample solution to sample well of the card. 8. Click the "standard test" button, after 15 minutes, the instrument will automatically detect the test card, it can read the results from the display screen of the instrument, and record/print the test results. 9. Refer to the instruction of Portable Immune Analyzer(WIZ-A101).

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