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Xiamen Baysen Medical Tech Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing high-tech bio enterprise dedicated to the field of fast diagnostic reagents. Founded in 2007, the company has established a strong presence in the industry and continually expands its business by developing innovative solutions for a variety of diagnostic needs.

Located in Xiamen, southeast China, the company has a total area of 5,600 square meters, including a manufacturing plant, research and development center, quality control laboratory, and sales office. The company has an excellent and professional team with a total of 70 staff, including 5 PhDs, 10 clinicians, and 30 R&D personnel. The company has an ISO13485 and ISO9001 quality management system, ensuring operational excellence throughout the company.

The company's core products include rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) and bio-chemical diagnostics, which have been widely used in hospitals, clinics, research institutes, and commercial testing services in more than 50 countries in Asia, Europe, and Africa.

RDTs are widely recognized as one of the most convenient and effective ways to diagnose infectious diseases, such as malaria, HIV, hepatitis B and C, dengue fever, and others. RDTs can achieve rapid and accurate diagnostic results within 10 to 15 minutes.

Baysen Medical Tech has developed a portfolio of more than 20 RDT products, including both single-use strip tests and cassette tests, covering a range of diseases, such as infectious diseases, tumor markers, hormonal disorders, and pregnancy. Baysen's RDT products are characterized by their high sensitivity, specificity, and stability.

Bio-chemical diagnostics are another important business for Baysen. Baysen provides multiple diagnostic kits for qualitative and quantitative detection of proteins, antibodies, and antigens in serum, plasma, urine, and other biological samples. The bio-chemical products have been widely used for the diagnosis and monitoring of infectious diseases, tumor markers, cardiovascular diseases, and other diseases, as well as for research and development.

The company's most popular products include leptospira, leishmania, and typhoid fever RDTs, as well as hepatitis B surface antigen and H.Pylori bio-chemical diagnostic kits. To ensure the quality of RDT and biochemical products, the company has established a strict procurement, production, and quality control process. All components and raw materials are purchased from reliable suppliers, and the production process is strictly supervised and monitored by a team of experienced and well-trained personnel.

In addition to RDT and biochemical diagnostics, Baysen also provides custom services for customers who require specific diagnostic solutions for their specific needs. Baysen's custom services team has extensive experience in designing and developing customized diagnostic kits, including antibody and antigen purification, conjugation, and labeling.

To strengthen its research and development capabilities, Baysen has established close collaboration with many research institutes and universities in China and overseas. The company has also participated in some joint research projects with other companies, covering the development of new diagnostic markers, new detection technologies, and the verification of clinical efficacy.

Baysen Medical Tech is committed to providing its customers with the most advanced and cost-effective diagnostic solutions while maintaining the highest quality standards. The company's growth potential is well-reflected in its impressive sales and revenue figures, which have grown rapidly in recent years. The company's excellent staff, innovative products, and comprehensive service make it a highly competitive player in the global diagnostic market.

In conclusion, Baysen Medical Tech is a highly respected and innovative biotech company that is committed to developing and delivering cutting-edge diagnostic solutions for a variety of diagnostic needs. With its strong commitment to R&D and quality control, Baysen is well-positioned to further broaden its product line and market reach in the years to come.
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